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 โมเดล  Flap Barrier T100
 ประเภท  ตัวกั้นคน ประตูกั้นแบบหมุน
 คู่มือ อ่านคู่มือการใช้งาน
 ข้อมูลเบื้องต้น  easy passage, even with bags or luggage high throughput rate and high pedestrian safety

Flap Barrier T100


Optical Swing Turnstiles GS100 Double 
Wing Dimension & Instatllation Drawing
Optical Turnstiles GS100 Single Wing Dimension & Instatllation Drawing

Product Description
The GS Swing Optical Turnstiles also so called GSPS(General Systems Pedestrian Swing) is designed to control pedestrian entering or exiting restricted areas, they allow for comfortable contactless access even with bags or luggage. Straight after someone passes through, the doors close again automatically to prevent unauthorised entry.

The standard model has an aisle (lane) width of 600mm and the maximum of the lane can be 1200mm. The construction consists of sheet metal housings that can be extended with intermediate parts to a user-defined line configuration corresponding to the needs, e.g. in case of a high throughput. The GS Swing Optical Turnstiles reduces crowding at entry points by providing fast throughput rates.Barriers swing in the direction of travel to create anatural flow through the lane. Once passage has been made, the barriers quickly return tothe closed position and wait for the next valid credential. In the event of an invalid entry, an alarm sounds is provided.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Max. passengers/min: 45 Person/min
3. External Dimension:1200x300x980mm
3. Power Voltage: AC220±10%V,50HZ
4. Input: Dry Contact signal, 12V level signal, relay signal.
5. Communication Interface: RS485 electrical standard; Communication: Range ≤1200M 
6. Working Environment Temperature: -25℃—+65℃, Indoor use
7. Noise < 75dBA
8. Faults self-detection and alarm function
9. The working status can be mechanically set by the buttons on built-in control panel.
10. Many working modes for optional
a. one way by card reading/one way no entry
b. double ways by card reading
c. one way card reading/one way freely (w/ or w/o pushing button)
d. double ways freely (w/ or w/o pushing button)
11. Gate open automatically when power off
12. With standard RS485 communication
13. With LED direction indication
14. 14. GS optical turnstiles/Flap Barriers can be eaily inferface with:

  • Biometric Integration
  • Card Readers
  • Coin/token Acceptors
  • Computer Attendance Systems / Ticket Scanners
  • Electronic / LCD Counters
  • Push-Button and Wireless Remotes

15. Main Function:

  • easy passage, even with bags or luggage
  • no contact with the swing panels
  • high throughput rate and high pedestrian safety
  • different security levels
  • high level of user acceptance
  • modular system consisting of baseand extension elements

The construction consists of different segments bolted together. The middle segment contains the controller and the drive unit. The middle segment has two hinged locked doors providing access to the controller and drive mechanism.
Various optional access control devices (such as card readers, finger print readers etc.) can be accommodated on a behind an acrylic glass panel located at each end segment of the pedestrian barrier.
At each barrier end you will find a so called LED Gate direction indicator that displays the current operational state to the user. Green arrow for entry free, Red Cross for passage locked.
This design is for indoor installations and made of polished 304 stainless steel with protection class IP56.
Description of the gate wings
The barrier is available with two wing types, that are either a composition of a 20mm acrylic glass. With the use of soft wings the risk of injury or damage is minimized, even in the event of a visitor running into the closed retractable barrier. Furthermore, a significant increase of the opening and closing time can be achieved, resulting in a much better tail-gating behavior to reach to the customer’s advantage.

Passage in both directions electronically controlled. The pedestrian retractable barrier is available in Normally Open (N/O) or normally Closed (N/C) mode. In N/O the speed gate provides an always open walkway in rest position and will only close at unauthorized entry or tailgating attempts.

Driving Mechanism 
The wings are moved by mechanical arms. The arms are rotated by a torque shaft connected to the drive unit. The drive unit is a DC motor working in conjunction with a bi-directional encoder. A microprocessor control system guarantees the precise movement and positioning of the wings.

Method of Operation
ON receiving a signal from the access control system, or push button, the swings open. If an unauthorized person tries to tailgate or attempts to enter from the opposite direction, the system detects the unauthorized passage and activates the in-built alarm system.

Status Lights
90mm dia. LED display status lights flush mounted within the speed gates lid top face. Upon authorization a Green arrow will illuminate in the direction of passage authorization whilst in the opposite direction a Red Cross symbol will illuminate to indicate the unit is not available for use or is already in use.

Power Failure: In the event of a power failure the wings will automatically open for exit freely.

Fire Alarm: Input facility is available for voltage free contact supplied by others to effect fail state.
Interface: Potential free contact provided by either card reader or pushbutton input. Card reader inhibit and reset outputs signals are available as standard.

Users IncludeGovernment Retail/Finance/Telecommunications/Information Technology /Banking /Publishing/Leisure/Petrochemical/Education etc.

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